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Jabuticaba Sanctuary

WS Jabu Farm a well-established and one of the largest Jabuticaba producer in Asia with 5.4 million square foot or 124 acres of land, and with over 500 employees in operation everyday. Our products have been widely recognised by many customers worldwide, our core value foundation is built on our passion in agriculture industry with traditional planting methods, and improvised alongside with the use of modern technology. We own 9 plantation farms and they’re located mainly within providence of Xiamen, Guangdong and Fujian.

Hidden Treasure to Untold Health



Our heritage began with the story of the founder, Mr. Lee Ching Lam, dated back in 1995, when he returned to his village to start his agriculture venture. He took 3 years to develop hillside for lychees. He used an excavator for digging and moving earth over the mountainous up to 100 miles or 160 kilometres. He was disheartened and forlorn despite spending 14 years to nurture his business which brought him well. One fine day, he discovered Jabuticaba by chance during a visit to his Taiwanese friend in China.

This remarkable discovery gave him a sense of realism of what could be done to pay it forward to community. He saw sunrise and reignite his dream anew. A decade later, he turn his lychees into Jabuticaba farm in 2005, realising the hidden treasure to untold health. He took the road less travelled and went to farm every day despite rain or shine. At that point of time, nobody believed in his dream. He never lose heart despite countless challenges ahead. He developed his unique agriculture technique adopting circular and horizontal irrigation and organic fertiliser composition.


WS JabuFarm aims to nourish the world with our nutritive and hearty exotic Jabuticaba. We connect people, ideas and resources to deliver innovative products, technology and modus operandi that build successful businesses and communities


We have an amazing product portfolio in the pipeline towards attractive, high-growth businesses. We are a global company with deep local roots, which gives us unique ability to understand local consumers and adapt fast to their preferences. Innovating products and business models are key dimensions of our growth agenda. As a responsible company, we act where the needs are greatest and where we can have maximum impact. Together, with our employees and partners, we help provide better health for all.


Honesty . Integrity . Openness

Our Vision

We have a vision to be the most admired and global producer in leading Jabuticaba as everyone’s choice known for our professional business conduct as well as demonstrate excellence in providing values to individual, family and community.

Our Mission

We set out to create a corporate mission statement that would guide the actions of everyone in the organization. Our goals, beliefs and principles are the foundation of the work we do every day. We are committed to continuously drive to deliver our mission of “Good Nutrition, Healthy Living, Holistic Wellness” as well as to live up to our esteemed partners and customers expectations and provide individuals with an opportunity to be affluent.

Our Core Value

Over the years of our entrepreneurship, we learned that the core principle of a successful business is fostering a mutually respectful relationships with our valued partners, our dedicated clients and our talented people at work. At WS JabuFarm, we define the set of principles that guide our actions as “WS Experience”. The WS Experience means that in everything that we think, express and do, we do it with excellence.

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