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WS JabuFarm is your complete source for the world’s most popular Jabuticaba. We are the main producer for the rarest and exotic Jabuticaba fruits in Asia. Our exquisitely signature WS JabuFarm will bring you an intriguing journey closer to you. with the same quality and taste that South Americans have known for centuries.

We were one of the first companies to promote the benefits of Jabuticaba. We manufacture the highest quality natural ingredients, which are used in many of today’s leading nutritional supplements, cosmeceutical and functional beverages. We are constantly researching and adopting the newfangled technology in farming and production. Jabuticaba is destined to become the next household name.

Ever wonder how it feels like eating one of the rarest and exotic fruit in the world?


Our signature WS JabuFarm has varieties of exotic Jabuticaba bonsai tree to choose from. Some of our clients buy it for home indoor decor or put at their gardens, white some deliver as gifts for friends and relatives as well as for house warming or shop opening ceremony.


Jabuticaba is well-known for its aplenty nutritional values and health benefits. Many reputable publications and clinical research has been published over the decades for this exotic and rarest fruit. This edible fruit has a dark purple to almost black skin colour that cover a white gelatinous flesh inside.

Jabuticaba is notable for its antioxidant properties due to the presence of anthocyanin and other phenolic compounds. It also contains enriched minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron) vitamins, proteins, fibre, pectin, tannin, flavonoids and high moisture.


We never compromise in adhering tot he business philosophy of customer demand-centric for quality, safety and sustainability. Our Jabuticaba fruits have been tested by an accredited multinational laboratory, SGS and certified that our fruits are rich in nutritional values and most importantly, both pesticides and heavy metals are not detected because we are using our own organic farming methods.


We are continuing with our efforts to build a strong pipeline by making full use of our capabilities.

Jabuticaba Premium Skin Care
Jabuticaba Premium Whitening Mask
Jabuticaba Fragrance Soap
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